There is one song that captures the essence of Rock and Roll better than any other song. It is by no mean one of my personal favorites, traditionally, and for years I didn’t care for the song.

This song came out in 1969 from an established band, The Rolling Stones. Not one of my favorite bands, but unquestionably one of the top ten most important figures of Rock music (And Yes, they were very much indie in the beginnings)

The song is “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”. The lyrics consist of a few little stories of random people not getting exactly what they want, but that is just songwriting. It’s the chorus “You can’t always get what you want(3x), and if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need”, that really shaped the world of Rock.

Wiser words have never been said, ever. It is a basic philosophical statement that reoccurs in almost all world philosophies and religions. Other ways of saying it are “When one door closes a window opens” or “everything happens for a reason”. There are many other statements saying basically the same thing, but just like with everything else Indie Rock does it best.

Mick Jagger, fearless leader of The Rolling Stones, belts out these lyrics with a smile on his face, strutting around, changing the face of Rock forever and making it bad ass to be benevolent, in a time when he was competeing with great dark bands like The Doors and Led Zeppelin.

He doesn’t tell you everything happens for a reason, he doesn’t judge, he doesn’t condescend, and he won’t be offended because he will tell you on a deep, basic level, with lyrics coming straight from his soul and experience saying you CAN NOT ALWAYS get what you want, no way around it, it’s just a fact. He repeats it three times because that’s the hard part to deal with. It’s like when someone asks “Do you want the good news or bad news first”, most say the bad, and that’s what’s done here. You can’t always get what you want, as hard as that may be to accept…Then the good news if you try YOU GET WHAT YOU NEED.

Truer words have never been spoken. This message of goodwill and peace among men and the universe triumphing all the bull shit is one that will be carry on through Indie music to this day, and hopefully for 1,000 more years.

I don’t think I’m going too far out on a limb calling this the best song in the world…next time you’re upset for any reason, turn on that song and think of the BILLIONS of people who have been touched by that song and the truth it carries.


-Jonathan Borazjani




An app that would change America.

Can you imagine a world where when you want to hear live music, there is a person beside you who let’s you know of a band playing currently, or is about to. Well that person could be your phone.

Here’s how the app works.

For musicians and venues: Register your band on the app and update it anytime you’re going to go on stage.

For Music Listeners: Based on your location the app will tell you the closest music location. There is also a way to search for certain bands to see if they have upcoming shows.

That would be perfect, but it doesn’t exist yet. Million dollar idea, right here.



ACL 2013 10/13/2013 Woes

So the Austin City Limits Music Festival 2013(ACL) was the first time that ACL had been split into two weekends.

The first weekend sold out, almost instantly even though both weekends had the same bands playing.

The first weekend went according to plan, and it was very hot.

The second weekend on the other hand got a bit iffy. On Friday there was a 10 minute thunderstorm during Queens of the Stone Age. Other than that it was clear. Then on Saturday it was clear all day, until around 10, whenever Kings of Leon came on for the encore. Then on Sunday, sadly, the concert was cancelled due to flooding.

What this means to festival goers of Weekend 2 is not only that they won’t get a sunburn, but also they can’t see The National, Noah and the Whale, Tame Impala, Franz Ferdinand, Atoms for Peace, Grouplove, Dawes, Foxygen, Toro y Moi, Phoenix, Divine Fits, and Lionel Richie to name a few.

This is the first time that ACL has cancelled due to rain. Refunds be issued to compensate for the missing day.

More can be found at



Jay Satellite is a new indie rock band based in Hutto, TX. They have been traveling around Texas for over 2 years. The members consist of Cameron Taylor on rhythm guitar, Marigold Clarke on Bass, Jason Clark on vox and guitar, and Brad Day on drums.


They have a 90’s alternative rock style, and one thing is for sure. They love playing music. I’ve seen them a few times and you can expect to see a lot of guitar solo’s, decent rock vocals, and a hell of a lot of original material.

The Drummer, Brad Day, was the drummer for a previous band of mine so I have kept my eye on Jay Satellite for awhile now. 

Bright Blue Blazer(2012) their debut album is out, and they have a new one coming out soon.

You can catch them in San Antonio on 11/22/2013 at VHS 1138 with Blast Dad.

Their Website is




If V=Sending a tweet to a famous person and I=Receiving a tweet from a famous person

If V=Sending a tweet to a famous person and I=Receiving a tweet from a famous person

Futile Attempt at Twittering Celebs for FDOM

Click the link for more.

For my Fundamentals of Online and Digital Media class I was to send a tweet to people who carry some weight in Indie music in hopes of getting a reply.

It wasn’t successful, sadly, but to say it was a wasted effort wouldn’t be completely true.

I have started thinking of better ways to ask questions on twitter that may be more eye catching, and how to word it in the few characters allowed by twitter.

Three I chose were:

Cake-An Alternative Rock Band who has been anti-corporation for a long time. I once got a response from them on Facebook.

Julian Casablancas- Lead singer of The Strokes and iconic indie rocker also didn’t reply to me on twitter. I have met him in real life, and shook his hand.

Ryan Gentles- Manager of The Strokes, and has had one of the most interesting positions in the history of managers.

For more, click the link.