ACL loves Indie

With ACL right around the corner all indie fans are starting to feel butterflies in their knee’s. All the way from The Cure and Depeche Mode to Grouplove and Foxygen, almost all of the bands at ACL can be considered Indie. One except is Lionel Richie. He would not be considered indie, though he is a talented vocalist.


What is “Indie”?

Here’s what “indie” means, when it comes to the genre of indie. The more creative freedom the band or solo artist has under a record label, the more indie they are. Check out my new website outlining the importance and history of indie music, celebrating indie heroes, and show case up-coming Indie musicians, especially ones from the Austin/San Marcos area.


Remember, most bands were indie at one point or another.




Austin’s “Spoon” is shown here, one of the champions of Indie music.